What is Shodokan Aikido?

A Japanese martial art that is a little like Judo and Jujitsu combined. It is predominantly a defensive discipline where you learn to take your attackers balance and use their momentum against them.

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Who can do Aikido?

Basically anyone can practice Shodokan Aikido. There are people in their 70’s still practicing regularly. Safety is important and everyone who trains should make sure they can continue training for many years without major injuries. Our classes are pretty intense so you will get a good workout. Don’t worry though, we always tailor the class to the people on the mat.

What will you learn?

We start by teaching you the fundamentals of balance and posture. Then we introduce the concept of breaking balance and then combine it with throws.

Along the way your flexibility and core strength will improve along with your general fitness.

You won’t learn to fight. If you want to prove how tough you are go, to a UFC / MMA or Krav Maga club.